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How To Rid The Sea & Oceans Of Plastic

So in the two largest of the oceans we have huge floating islands of plastic and in the Gulf of Mexico we have a hole in the ocean spewing oil into the water. Is anybody doing anything about it? Here we present from the MakeAHistory site an idea to convert the plastic islands into usable oil.

“The research, which is ongoing and was begun by Mr. Charles Moore in 1997, has revealed a deadly nightmare for organic life. Anti-littering campaigns may help in the future but millions of tons of plastic items continue to be manufactured and discarded every year. Plastic does not biodegrade. All plastic that has ever been made, that which has not been toxically incinerated, still exists and will always exist unless it is converted back to that whence it came.
The floating plastic must somehow be cleaned up and there appears to be only one practical means to do so.
All plastic is made from petroleum products and is made up of hydrocarbon. There is a proven process in which any hydrocarbon-based material can be converted back to high-quality light oil by a brief application of heat and pressure. This technology is known as Thermal Conversion Process and has been perfected by a New York company, Changing World Technologies, Inc. (CWT). The company has spent the past few years working with the conversion of slaughterhouse waste products into oil and is currently adding the conversion of plastic waste. We have approached CWT with our basic proposal and the company has indicated an interest in participating with us.” To read the entire story click here.

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