Busting The Washington Racket. Two Solutions


We will never change anything in Washington as long as we liberals and conservatives blame one another for the problem. And then they place their trust Republicans and Democrats to make sure their agenda is being followed. What we have had for the past thirty years is an unchecked orgy of debt and corruption masquerading as neo liberal economic theory that has just about destroyed this nation. Couple that with an unbridled desire to export our version of freedom upon any country we feel the need to by whatever means necessary.  And what you end up with is a huge mess and a broken system where all those that profit from it point their fingers at each other on tv and then laugh all the way to the bank. It’s time for the left and right to come together on a set of issues that will change the direction the country is moving and give back to the people more power over the decisions that are made.

How to Turn Congress Inc. Back to Just Congress

Here is a post written by Katrina vanden Heuvel of the Nation. It is about a bill in Congress that offers a partial solution both sides can agree on.

“It is clear that the kind of strong reforms we urgently need won’t be achieved simply by electing a new president or new members of Congress. Despite the voters’ mandate for change, the underlying problem of Washington — what author and Washington Post reporter Robert Kaiser calls “so damn much money” — remains unaltered and is in many ways more powerful than even before. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision — which awarded corporations the rights of citizens when it comes to electioneering, allowing them to use their coffers to manipulate political discourse — the prospect of a Congress “brought to you by (insert corporate sponsor here)” has only grown.”

To read the entire post from CommonDreams click here.

War? Or Peace?

And here from last year one of our Mindsi2 videos we show Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Who are two men on opposite ends of the political spectrum coming together on the issue of war. And hey a bill whose main sponser is a socialist passes 96-0 maybe there is hope for the future.

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