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The Plague of Mexico’s Drug Wars

From TomDispatch.com;

“Arguably, the most startling finding in this year’s drug threat assessment involves Mexican drug trafficking organizations, or DTOs. The flow of Mexican drug trafficking into the U.S. is an unstoppable force, it seems: the DOJ’s 2008 report found that Mexican DTOs had established networks in at least 230 American cities.  The 2010 report has no comparable numbers, but a Justice Department official, when asked why, indicated that the department was “reanalyzing” its numbers and predicted that the total, when known, would prove to be higher. Mexican DTOs, the 2010 assessment concludes, “are more deeply entrenched in drug trafficking activities in the United States than any other DTOs.”  They are the only ones to be found in each of the nine regions of the country defined by the department as part of its efforts to bust traffickers.  In fact, the Mexican cartels now reportedly control most wholesale cocaine, heroin, and meth distribution in the U.S.

As Tomas Kellner and Francesco Pipitone of Kroll Associates write in a remarkably detailed and vivid account of the ever-expanding Mexican drug cartels, life in Mexico has taken on a distinctly murderous hue, as new waves of violence and crime spread to regions previously considered immune.”

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