War News. Protests Rock The Afghanistan & Are Depleted Uranium Munitions Causing Birth Defects?

In the past couple of weeks Afghanistan has crept back into the news and we have had a couple of posts on our 7-10 Split blog. The first report is on the protests and a wave of assassinations of US soldiers have swept the country. It also includes a video on the Russian invasion.  The other report is a fairly disturbing one about potential effects of depleted uranium weapons on Afghan people. This second report includes graphic video of deformed babies.
The 7-10 Split: Blown Away, How the U.S. Fanned the Flames in Afghanistan
The 7-10 Split: Depleted Uranium Munitions Causing Birth Defects In Afghanistan?.

And we have added this video just because people need to see what the consequences of our actions are.

“When bombardments happen, these things happen. People arms and legs get blown up.”


Chicago Crime Now & Then Presents A Couple of 1980’s Mob Hits

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This morning we present a pair of clips from our series “Chicago Crime Now & Then” that can be found on ChiTownView / YouTube.

Charles Carmen Inglesia or as he was more commonly known as Chuckie English was at one time a high ranking mobster and close personal friend of one time outfit boss Sam Giancana. They grew up as neighbors as kids and rose through the ranks of the Chicago underworld. He was at the height of his power in the 1960’s and early 70’s. His record distributing company Lormar controlled what records were put in jukeboxes in the Chicago area and beyond. He also made high interest juice loans and woe came upon those that did not pay up.

After Giancana was whacked in his home, right before he was slated to testify before Congress about the Kennedy assassination, Chuckie saw his career go into decline and it was suggested he leave town. He did for a few years but in the early 80’s he was allowed to return and run some low level action. This seems to have been a mistake.

On Valentines eve February 13, 1983 Chuck went up to Horwaths with an old friend and dined on roast pig. After they finished they went into the parking lot and as Chuckie reached his car two men in ski masks walked up and opened fire killing him. Following that they run off into the alley behind the restaurant and were never caught.

Horwaths was a favorite meeting spot for leaders of the Chicago mob as it was in the neighborhood where most of them lived. English, Giancan, Tony Accardo and Paul Ricca all lived within a mile. It began as a roadhouse / speakeasy in the 1930’s and was known as a place where good friends come to meet. Horwath’s also made an appearence in a 2003 episode of West Wing. Although it was a stand in for a Dayton Ohio eatery.

Horwaths is gone now replaced by another box store so another little slice of history, and a pretty cool neon sign, are gone. When Horwaths was there the position of the sign, parking lot and sign are reversed from the layout of Staples today.

The Chicago mafia unlike their counterparts in NY was open to non Italians who showed the right stuff. Ken Eto like his father before was a gambling racketeer for the mob. His specialty was operating a Latin version of the numbers game called the Bolita. Even though the state of IL. had introduced the lottery during the 70’s there were still enough players loyal to Eto’s racket that he was still employing nearly a hundred workers to operate it in the early 80’s. Then he got indited by the Feds for felony gambling and for the first time in his life was looking at serious jail time. Not a good thing.

On the evening of February 10, 1983 Ken received an early Valentine gift from some old friends. He was sitting in his car in the parking lot of the Mont Clare theater meeting with a couple of associates when they pulled out guns and pumped hot lead into him. They quickly exited the car and headed towards a waiting car.

A little too quickly though because they didn’t finish the job because despite having a bullet in his head he was able to get out of the car and stagger into a nearby drug store. He lived and ended up turning on the mob and “singing” for the government. In fact this hit along with the botched coverup of the Spilotro hits proved to be the undoing of the Chicago mob in the final years of the 20th century. For while the Chicago outfit is still around they are not the force they were.

The Montclare and the drug store are both gone now as this quite little stretch of Grand Ave. gets redeveloped. It is in an area of the “Mafia riviera” of near western suburbs where the Italian gangsters relocated as they became wealthy. They settled in towns like Oak Park, River Forest and Elmwood Park.

Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”

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Less than a mile from Chicago’s famed gold coast is one of the city’s more infamous areas. In an area roughly between La Salle & the river and Division & Chicago was the home of the notorious Cabrini Green housing project and before that it was an slum known as “little hell” populated by Italian & Irish immigrants. In the early part of the 20th century the area was so crime ridden the police didn’t even spend much time there.

It was an area firmly in control of the “black hand” a precursor to the Mafia. They were an organization that offered to provide protection to the immigrants from themselves basically. How it worked was you revived a warning note from them and if you didn’t pay well then bad things happened. And at the corner of Oak and what is now known as Cleveland was the favorite dumping ground for the bodies of victims that didn’t heed the warning. A 1931 report says as many as fifty bodies turned up at this corner.

There were a number of assassins that dumped there bodies there the most famous of them was known as the “shotgun man”. He is alleged to have killed 15 including four within a three day period.

To see the video click below

The 7-10 Split: Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”.

Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube

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The exotic dancer “Kalantan” (i.e., Mary Ellen Tillotson) introduces her number as “This is my interpretation of the Exotic Buddah Dance,” & to a jungle beat performs quite well.
To read more follow this link.


Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube.

“Bathhouse” John Coughlin; Chicago Alderman / Poet / Barkeep

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Chicago’s 1st ward encompasses the wealth of downtown and the large population of transients that used to populate the near south side. A combination that made it a powerfull aldermanic post. John “Bathouse” Coughlin was a flamboyant character who was alderman for more than forty years. For a good portion of those decades he along with his partner Mike “Hinky Dink” Kenna were the center of power in Chicago. Mike McDonald may have been the first vice baron in Chicago but The Bath and The Hink were the first to really organize vice and gambling and turn it into political power in the Windy City. Big Jim Colissimo was a bagman for them before inheriting their vice racket.

In this clip we see a pair of establishments The Bath operated on Madison st. In downtown Chicago. Where St. Peters church now stands used to be the spot where the Brevoort Hotek once stood, In the basement of this luxury hotel (the first in Chicago with an elevator) was John’s bathhouse. Just a few doors west is where he operated the Silver Dollar Saloon.
And if three careers were not enough Mr. Coughlin was also a poet and a bon vivant who wanted to lead a revolution in man’s dress.

So out hats off to you Bathhouse John you might have been a corrupt grafter but you were an honest one. If you’d like to read more about John and his partner try and track down a copy of “Lords of the Levee” by Wendt & Kogan at your library.

This clip is part of a series produced by MindsiMedia and presented on ChiTownView ‘s YouTube station. We are getting some Chicago crime history in HBO’s series “Boardwalk Empire” and more will be on display when the film version of Eric Larsen’s “Devil In The White City”. Our series shows some of the famous places in Chicago crime history as they exist today. While telling some of that history with each clip.

Taliban peace talks ‘at risk’ as Obama stalls on Guantánamo

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, diplomatic editor
From; guardian.co.uk, The Obama administration is in danger of missing an historic opportunity for a peace settlement in Afghanistan if it does not act quickly to release prisoners in response to a Taliban offer to open talks, European officials and observers claim.

The Taliban announced on 3 January that it had agreed to open a political office in Qatar for the purpose of holding peace talks with the international community, and said it expected the release of its officials being held at Guantánamo Bay.
At the time, White House officials said the administration was considering the transfer of five Taliban officials to custody in another
country, widely believed to be Qatar. But with still no movement on the prisoner transfers European officials involved in the talks are
urging Washington to act quickly to keep the momentum going towards talks before hardline spoilers on all sides can stall proceedings.

What do possible peace talks between the U.S. and the Taliban mean for Afghanistan’s future?

For more information on Taliban / US peace talks check out this report uploaded by
on Jan 11, 2012

From The MindsiMedia Daily “How Is It Possible The Fed’s Image Can Be Tarnished Further?”

January 15, 2012 2 comments

“At this point it should be universally known that the Federal Reserve Board has been guilty of disastrous incompetence. It allowed an $8 trillion housing bubble to grow unchecked”…….

To finish this story and read more of today’s news visit our new daily news site.

The MindsiMedia Daily.

And a couple of related videos from our Alternative Views series uploaded by Mindsi2.

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